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Updating Talon.One audiences via Braze

After you create an audience in Talon.One, you can add or update its members directly from Braze. To do this, create a webhook, calling the Update multiple customer profiles' audiences endpoint.

To create a webhook in Braze, you can use the Canvas feature, a workspace that allows you to set up multistep user journeys.


Creating a webhook in Braze

In Braze, you can create a webhook as a webhook campaign, API campaign, or Canvas component. Let's create the webhook as a Canvas component.

To create a webhook:

  1. In Braze, create a new Canvas using the Canvas Flow editor.

  2. When you create a message, select Webhook with a blank template as the messaging channel.

  3. In Webhook URL, type the URL of the endpoint.

    For example: https://<your-base-url>

  4. In Request Body, enter all the required parameters of the endpoint:

    • action: "add" to add members to the audience, or "delete" to remove members.
    • profileIntegrationId: Use personalization in the editor to add a Braze user ID, for example, "{{${user_id}}}".
    • audienceId: Type the ID of the audience to update, for example, 608.

      Your audience ID is displayed on the Audience page of the Campaign Manager.

  5. In Request Headers, enter:

    • Authorization: ApiKey-v1 <generic API key>, where <generic API key> is the generic API key you created and copied.
    • HTTP Method: POST
  6. Review the request preview to ensure it resembles the following example:

    authorization: ApiKey-v1 9ebd8ab6dbf7ac52a10b0fd3aaff59f1d351c616baca200e0fd44108ea207b7b
    "data": [
    "audienceId": 608,
    "profileIntegrationId": "{{${user_id}}}",
    "action": "add"

    If the editor does not automatically add the data object, enter it manually as raw text.

  7. Test-send the message by selecting a user.

Your audience in Talon.One is updated accordingly.