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Amplitude CDP

Amplitude CDP is a customer data platform natively integrated with analytics that helps you proactively improve data quality, discover new audiences, and sync behavioral data across your stack.

You can integrate Talon.One with Amplitude CDP to ensure better business outcomes for mutual customers.

Before you start

Consider the following points before integrating Talon.One with Amplitude CDP:

  • The Talon.One-Amplitude CDP integration is available only to customers with the following pricing plans:
    • Scholarship
    • Growth
    • Enterprise
  • To integrate Talon.One with Amplitude CDP, an Amplitude CDP user ID should be mapped to a Talon.One Customer Profile ID. Talon.One supports any Customer Profile ID, such as:
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • IDFA - Apple Ads ID
    • GAID - Google Ads ID

Amplitude CDP tutorials