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We recommend you read the Getting started overview, first.

When to use the Management API#

The Talon.One Management API is the channel between the Campaign Manager and the Rule Engine. Use the Management API to programmatically do anything that the Campaign Manager does.

For example:

  • create user profiles
  • create rules
  • track the results of your campaigns

If you want to share external data with Talon.One, use the Integration API instead.

The relation between the Campaign Manager, your application, and the Rule Engine can be visualized as follows:

Flow Diagram

Postman collection#

You can use the following postman collection:

  1. Download and import these 2 files in Postman.

  2. Select the imported Talon.One env environment and set the email, pwd and URL variables.

  3. Run the Create session endpoint to get a token. The token is automatically stored in the BEARER_TOKEN variable used by other endpoints.

  4. Run other queries by setting potential required variables like Application_id.