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How does Talon.One manage customer instances?

Each customer's data is isolated from others. Each customer has triple redundant deployment instances of the Talon.One API and application server for data protection.

On database-level, Talon.One uses twice-redundant servers in warm-standby to ensure high availability of the API.

Why doesn't Talon.One support Google Tag Manager?

Only using Talon.One via the browser isn't recommended for a few reasons:

  1. Requests from browsers can be falsified. Traffic from browsers cannot be trusted. For instance, a customer can send a fake request to a game promotion claiming they are someone else.
  2. Your server manages actions such as discounts applied to orders and item prices. Because server calls must be made, Talon.One cannot only be called via the browser.

You can track special actions with browser JavaScript in Talon.One if necessary. However, avoid rewarding customers for behaviors they can fake.

Are coupon codes always unique, or can they be used multiple times across different campaigns?

The coupon codes are always unique in a given application and can never be generated twice across different campaigns.

Is the validation of coupon codes case sensitive?

You can choose this during the Application creation step. It can be either: sensitive, insensitive-uppercase or insensitive-lowercase.