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Customer profile entity

A customer profile is Talon.One's internal representation of your customer.

A profile combines data supplied by your Application's attributes with profile data created and updated by campaign rules, loyalty scores, lifetime expenditure etc.

Like any entity, customer profiles can be extended with custom attributes to suit your particular domain. Custom attributes are often used to represent internal counters, such as the number of support tickets a particular customer has opened.

Keep in mind the following information about customer profiles:

As a result, we recommend the following best practices:

  • When using multiple Applications from the same environment (for example, live), we recommend that you add a per-Application prefix to each customer ID. That way, you can always tell which Application created the profile.
  • Choose an un-mutable ID. For example, an email address doesn't make a good profile ID because a customer might change their registered email.

Creating customer profiles

Customer profiles are created automatically, sometimes implicitly, via the following API endpoints: